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Myths about masonry

In a world where information travels fast via Internet, people can find everything they want to know about masonry in a matter of seconds. While some of them are accurate, other facts are misleading and that makes it difficult for them to distinguish true things from the others. Despite the massive exposure of the amazing activities Masons do these days, few websites still regard freemasonry as an organization full of myths and secrets.

A common misconception is that the members of the organization worship the devil. Nothing stands further from the truth as the philosophy of the fraternity promotes faith in God and the moral values everyone should have. At the Lodge Albert 448 you will find brothers who do not worship trivial things such as power or money and get involved in the life of the communities to help those in need.

Another myth states that masonry is a secret society that controls the governments of numerous countries and law systems. Although there are a few aspects about the rituals that remain private to Masons such as passwords and signs, the members can freely discuss about freemasonry and everyone can visit the lodge. Keep in mind that there may be Masons who work for big institutions, but they do not force anyone to do something.

A large number of people claims that the all seeing-eye in the pyramid found on the one dollar US bill is a symbol of masonry. In fact, it is an American icon since the designers of the seal were not freemasons and no records show that eye was associated with Masons at the time when the Congress adopted the emblem.

It has been said that the organization accepts only members who come from an elite. Contrary to this theory, masonry is on open environment for anyone who has moral values and believes in God no matter the education, passion, nationality or background. Explore the world of true Masons at the Lodge Albert 448 and see for yourself what the organization really stands for!