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A short history of masonry

Masonry has captivated the attention of many significant people with the moral behavior of its members and their constant work to make the world a better place. As one of the oldest organization in the world, Freemasonry has a rich history and emphasizes its evolution and events through legends and traditions that shaped the fraternity. Although no one knows exactly when it was formed or how, you can check out some theories that are generally accepted by most Masons.

There are some historians who think that the beginning of masonry is marked by the construction of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem when jealous workers forced the architect to betray the Masonic Word and after failed attempts they murdered him unjustly. Other texts speak about the carved Square and Compass symbols in an altar that dates back to the 3800 B.C. year. Due to their contribution to the cathedrals edifications in the 10th century, Masons enjoyed privileges such as free travelling.

Most Masonic scholars believe that its roots have been established during the Middle Ages because the symbols and language that they use during rituals come from this period. Even though the records about the first Grand Lodge from the 1717 are more complete, the oldest written evidence that attests the existence of Masons comes from the 14th century and is called Regius Poem, while other aspects show the birth of masonry thousands of years before.

In the late years of the 18th century, Masons spread the moral values, the idea of a democratic government and offered support for public schools. In the following years, the organization grew and founded orphanages, homes and served the people in need in America and Europe. At present, the Masonic brotherhood continues its amazing mission for the communities with donations, charity events, volunteering, medical research funds and promotes goodness, honesty and love among humans for a better tomorrow.