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This year the Senior Brethren's Christmas Party

took place on Tuesday 19th December!

As usual there was a full Christmas dinner and entertainment by the Albert Ferry Band and from the Senior Brethren themselves - well done to all who took part! Including the pix by our resident photographer "Mrs RWM", aka Tracy!

Everyone had a great time and our Senior Brethren received a super Christmas meal with all the usual trimmings, complimentary drinks from the bar and free raffle!

At the end of the evening they all left full of festive 'spirit' and very merry indeed!

The RWM, Office Bearers and Brethren wish them and their families the very best of wishes for the Christmas season, and the very best of health and prosperity in 2007.

Why you should become a member of our lodge

Freemasonry is an old fraternal organization that has fascinated people from all over the world. Known for its famous members that include presidents, film celebrities, singers, kings, corporation executives and a continuous work for a better world, masonry is the perfect environment for every man who wants to apply his moral values to real life situations. Become a member of the Lodge Albert 448 and enter a brotherhood based on integrity, generosity, justice and love.

When you join the lodge, you will see that this is a place where the members call each other brothers and they offer support and advice unconditionally to one another or their families. You can be part of this special relationship that has been created among individuals with different skin colors, age, education or backgrounds. No matter you spend your weekend nights with beautiful London escorts from http://uk.eros.com/england/london/, or you have a certain political view, this bond is stronger than anything else.

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As a member of the Lodge Albert 448, you will meet a large number of people, gain confidence in your public speaking skills and be a good leader. While an essential requirement in masonry is faith in God, you will not hear any discussions about politics or religions because masonry promotes harmony, peace and equally treatment for all. Discover your hidden talents and take advantage of the self-development occasions with every experience you have in this organization.

Another benefit of your masonry membership comes as you are taught the tradition and history of masonry. With its numerous rituals, symbols and lectures, you will explore ancient teaching and principles that are still applied nowadays. The rich heritage that dates from the days of the Temple of Solomon and throughout the most significant time periods makes masonry a society that cannot be ignored by anyone. Wear the symbols with pride and commit to the work you must do.

Many individuals lead a hectic lifestyle due to everyday stress and thoughts directed to materialistic goals, that they forget about the world around them, the goodness in others and the moral code everyone should have. As the Lodge Albert 448 is the place where all men with a good character, ideals and practices meet, be part of the oldest brotherhood in the world and build a better future for all!